Temperature Gradient Incubator REXMED RIT-450

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MOD. RIT-450
AC 230V
Plug type:
Temperature gradient incubator
HS CODE: 993199
UNCCS CODE: 484323
Main construction: powder coated steel and SS304
Controller: Microprocessor based PID controller, water proof keypad with timer, ?C/PV and ?C/SV display and setting
Timer: 24hr, Timer has DELAY_ON and DELAY_OFF, 24hrs day and night time temperature control setting function
Working range: 0?C~50?C
Stability at 37?C: ±1?C
Uniformity: ±1?C
Sensor: PT 100?, Temperature audio and visual warning for AL-H and AL-L and OFS correction setting
Heater: 300W X 5
Cooling compressor: 1/3HP, Compressor has delay on and overload protection, auto defrost setting
Cooling capacity: 1,386 Watts, 4,730 BTU/hr, 1,194 Kcal/hr
Chamber: L45 X W45 X H24cm X 5
Capacity: 243L, chamber with fluorescent lamp X 6pcs (10,000Lux), day and night or all day time lamp on control setting function, and inner acrylic viewing window, chamber temp can be set 2~8?C difference, 4 castors
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