Manage your samples and data with a software dedicated to BioLIMS and BioSIMS.

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Intelligent Biobank Information Management System

Designed specifically for the Biological Resource Center, the BioLIMS and BioSIMS software solutions manage and track your biological samples collected within the framework of protocols, studies, clinical trials, and cohort projects. BioLIMS & BioSIMS software manages the entire sample life cycle and associated data, from living samples.

BioLIMS & BioSIMS Platform



BioLIMS and BioSIMS Management System

Sample Pretreatment

Sample reception and management before storage

Inspection Work

Sample inspection and report review

Program Management

Application project category and dictionary management

Mobile Management

Clinician side can access via mobile phone

Workflow : Sample Collection to Clinical Application

Biological Sample Detection and Data Management

BioLIMS and Biobank data management system

Primary and Integrative Analysis

Single omics data analysis and Multi-omics data Integrative Analysis system

Clinical Study and Application Module

Clinical decision support system for genetic disease and Oncology knowledgebase

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