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Sample Requirements

  • Peripheral blood (3-5 ml), EDTA anticoagulant tube, slightly reverse blood vessel collection for 5-10 times.
  • If the sample is not tested immediately, it should be stored in the refrigerator at 2-8°C, no more than 120 hours.
  • 2-8°C cold chain transportation, sample should arrive within 72 hours to the laboratory

PGx- Panel Information

Single Panel Drug Classification
Aspirin, Clopidogrel, Statins, Warfarin Cardiovascular
Folic Acid Supplements
Azathioprine, Glucocorticoids, Cyclophosphamide, Tacrolimus, Mycophenolate mofetil, Cyclosporin Immunosuppressant
Omeprazole, Lansoprazole, Pantoprazole Gastrointestinal
Fluorouracil, Irinotecan, Platinum, Methotrexate, Capecitabine Antineoplastic
Sertraline Antipsychotic
Voriconazole Antifungal
Nitroglycerine Vasodilators
Alcohol Dehydrogenase Metabolism
Single Panel Drug Classification
Aspirin, Clopidogrel, Statins (Pravastatin, Simvastain, atorvastatin etc) Antiplatlet/Anticoagulants/Antihypercholesterolemia
Sulphonylurea (Glibenclamide, Glimepride etc), Thiazolidinediones (Rosiglitazone, Pioglitazone etc), DPP4 (Sitagliptin etc) Antidiabetic
Morphine, Fentayl, Codeine, Oxycodone, Methadone, Sufentanil Opioids
Tacrolimus, mycophenolate, cyclosporin, glucocorticoids Immunosuppressant
CCB (eg. Amlodipine, Nifedipine), Diuretic (eg Furosemide), Sartans, ACE inhibitors Cardiovascular
Amitriptyline, Clomipramine, Clozapine, Desipramine, Doxepin, Imipramine, Nortriptyline, Trimipramine, Paroxetine, Mirtazapine, Fluvoxamine, Escitalopram, Duloxetine, Citaloprim, Tomoxetine Antipsychotic

PGx Clinical Implementation System

  • Accept data from various platforms in different formats
  • Scheduled data syncing and batch processing
  • Automatic QC and bioinformatics analysis
  • Informative data visualization and variant assessment
  • Integrative lab reporting functions
  • Seamless integration with the LIMS system

Classification of Clinical Recomendation / Evidance

(Sample Report)

Aspirin, Clopidogrel, Statins, Warfarin
Folic Acid
Azathioprine, Glucocorticoids, Cyclophosphamide, Tacrolimus, Mycophenolate mofetil, Cyclosporin
Omeprazole, Lansoprazole, Pantoprazole
Fluorouracil, Irinotecan, Platinum, Methotrexate, Capecitabine
Patient may have adverse event
Patient may benefit from dosage increasing
Patient may benefit from dosage decreasing
1. The drug may have minor toxicity effect or be less effective for the patient
2. The patient carries genetic variation that significatntly alters the fuction of assosiacitad gene (ultrarapid or poor metabolizer, poor function, unfavourable genotype, positive for risk allele, etc.), thus, drug metabolism and / or drug response ware affected. However, clinical evidence on patient response is lacking
Genetic variation of minor clinical significanse was detected
Result Summary
Phenytoin Decrease dosage
Oxcarbazepine Use drug as label
Lamotrigine Use drug as label
Valproic Acid May decrease dosage
Clobazam May decrease dosage
Carbamazepine Possible adverse events
Phenobarbital May be less effective
Test Result
Drug Gene Genotype Phenotype Drug Response Evidance
Toxicity Dosage Efficacy
Phenytoin CYP2C9 *1/*3 Intermediate motabolizer - L1
HLA-B *1502 - Negative - - - L1
CYP2C19 *1/*2 Intermediate metabolizer - - L3
Valproic Acid CYP2C9 *1/*3 Intermediate metabolizer - L2-b
Clobazam CYP2C19 *1/*2 Intermediate metabolizer - L2-b
Clinical Recomendation by Guideline

Clinical Recommendation | Decrease Dosage (25%)

Guideline Phenotype/Genotype Implication & Recommendation
CPIC CYP2C9 Intermediate Metabolizer HLA-B*1502 Negative Reduce phenytoin metabolism. Higher plasma concentrations will increase probability of toxicities.
Consider 25% reduction of recommended starting maintenance dose. Subsequent maintenance doses should be adjusted according to therapeutic drug monitoring and response.
DPWG CYP2C9*1/*3 Clinical effect (S): long-standing discomfort (>168 hr), permanent symptom or invalidating injury e.g. failure of prophylaxis of artial fibrillation; venous thromboembolism; decreased effect of clopidogrel on inhibition of platelet aggregation; ADE resulting from increased bioavailibility of phenytoin; INR > 6.0; neutropenia 0.5-1.0x109/I; leucopenia 1.0-2.0x109/I; thrombocytopenia 25-50x109/I; severe diarrhea.
Standard loading dose. Reduce maintenance dose by 25%. Evaluate response and serum consentration after 7-10 days. Be alert to ADEs (e.g., ataxia, nystagmus, dysarthria, sedation).

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