Portable Suction Unit REXMED RSU-131

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MOD. RSU-131
AC 110/230V
Current: 1.0/0.5A
Power consumption: 25W
Plug type:
Portable Suction Unit
HS CODE: 901890
UNCCS CODE: 481698
UNSPSC CODE: 42142400, 42142404
GMDN CODE: 36777
Main construction: Cast aluminium and ABS
Plastic bottle: 1pc x 1,000c.c. graduated at 50c.c. autoclavable at 130?C plastic bottle with silicone rubber seal
Max. suction: 0~-68/-70 cm/Hg
Select valve: No
Vacuum control: Needle valve
Vacuum indicator: 0~-76 cm/Hg graduated at -5 cm/Hg Bourdon tube type gauge
Vacuum flow: 0~30 liter/min
Max. HP: 25W 1/30HP
Safety device: Water stop device, disposable bacterial filter >99.999% (0.3 micron) and fuse
Extra function: No
Foot control: No
Noise: 50 dB
Pump: Oil-less twin diaphragm pump with overload protection and auto reset
Cooling fan: No
W/S: suction tube 180cm x 1pc, suction catheter x 1pc, filter (small) x 2pcs, fuse x 2pcs
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