Horizontal N Class Autoclave Sterilizer REXMED RAU-745

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MOD. RAU-745
AC 230/380/415V, 1/3phase
Current: 30A/20A/20A
Power consumption: 7KW
Plug type:
Horizontal N Class Autoclave
HS CODE: 841920
UNCCS CODE: 481415
UNSPSC CODE: 42281500, 42281508, 42281530
GMDN CODE: 36339
Main construction: SS304
Control: Automatic mechanical control
Program: No
STER timer: 0~60 min
DRY timer: 0~60 min
Pre-vacuum times: Optional
Cool air release: 5 min
Designed temperature: 140°C / 284°F
Sterilizing temperature: 118~134°C, 244.4~273.2°F
Designed pressure: 4kg/cm² / 3.92bar / 56.9psi
Sterilizing pressure: 0.9~2.1kg/cm², 0.88~2.06bar, 12.8~29.9psi
Pressure indicator: Chamber pressure 0~4kg/cm² graduated at 0.2kg/cm², jacket pressure 0~4kg/cm² graduated at 0.2kg/cm², steam generator 0~300°C graduated at 5°C / 32~572°F graduated at 10°F Bourdon tube type gauge
Chamber size: 45x90cm SS304
Chamber capacity: 143 liters
Auto dry: Yes
Vacuum drying: Optional
Auto add water: Optional
Water reservoir: 24 liters (25x60cm)
Water consumption per cycle: 14 liters
Safety device: Thermal cut-off, safety valve 2.6 kg/cm² with hand lever, emergency exhaust valve and switch, water level control, low water indicator, pressure control switch, no fuse breaker x 1pc
Door interlock: Yes
Printer: No
Records storage: No
W/S: SS304 sterilizing tray x 1pc, water level glass tube x 2pcs, heating element (7KW) x 1pc, silicone door seal x 1pc, water filter x 1set
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