Environmental Chamber REXMED REC-400

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MOD. REC-400
AC 230/380/415V, 1/3 phase, Environmental chamber
HS CODE: 841989
UNCCS CODE: 484384
Main construction: SS304
Interior: SS304
Exterior: SS304 powder coated
Insulation: Rigid polyurethane foam and glass wool
Controller: Fix point PID controller, temperature ?C/PV and ?C/SV, humidity %/PV and %/SV display and setting
Temperature range: -40?C~100?C
Humidity range: 20%RH~98%RH
Constancy: ±0.3?C ±2.5%RH
Uniformity: ±1?C ±3%RH
Temperature and humidity sensor: PT 100?, Temperature and humidity audio and visual warning and OFFS correction setting
Temperature heater: 1.5KW X 2pcs
Humidity heater: 2.5KW X 1pc
Heat up transition time: -40?C~100?C within 45 min
Refrigeration system: Air cooled, single stage
Cooling compressor: Bristol hermetic compressor
Cooling capacity: 3,506 Watts, 11,962 BTU/hr, 3,020 Kcal/hr
Cool down transition time: 20?C~-40?C within 50 min
Safety devices: No fuse breaker, refrigerator over load relay, refrigeration high pressure switch, over temperature protector, protection relay, protection fuse, water level control and overheat protector
Chamber: L50 X W60 X H75cm
Capacity: 225L, chamber with key lock, with lamp (DC 12V 50W) X 1pcs and double glass viewing window
testing cable port with cover: Ø25mm, 4 castors
W/S: shelf X 2pcs, standard testing wet cloth X 5pcs, PCV water container X 1pc
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