DCH-IV Fast Test PCR System

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DCH-IV Fast Test PCR System

DCH-IV Fast Test PCR system comes with a customized centrifugal microfluidic chip, which is widely used in hospitals, medical clinics and field medical rescue.


10 seconds centrifugation

Insert Sample (20μl/12 loci) Single test up to 48 loci

Generate report within 60 minutes

The Clair iCloud analysis and the reporting database system paired with customized report and clinical recommendation will be provided;

PGx module, Guide module,
genotype etc. analysis database

Remote monitor the instrument
condition and track the testing progress
through LAN or specialized WeChat app

Instrument Specifications
Instrument name Fast Test PCR system
Model DCH-IV
Sample volume 20μl/12 loci
Detect ion channels FAM, HEX
Light Source LED, the service life is more than 2500 hours
Temperature stabilization Independent temperature contro
Maximum heating rate 5℃/s
Maximum cooling rate 4℃/s
Temperature accuracy No more than 0.5 ℃
Temperature uniformity Temperature difference within ±1 ℃
Temperature range Room temperature ±5 ℃ to 110℃
Data communication interface 3 USB ports, 1 network port, wireless connection
System conguration Microsoft Windows operating system
Instrument size (LxWxH) 360mm×290mm×460mm
Net weight 10kg
Testing Duration 60 minutes
Power Supply 220V
Pharmacogenomics Test Product Group ‒ (For Children)
Test Item Drug Type Drug Name Testing Gene Testing Loci
Safety of medicine use for children Antipyretic
CYP2C9 *2
CYP2C9 *3
TNFRSF11A c.575C>T
PLA2G4A c.115+9538A>G
PTGS2 c.-899G>C
Bronchodilator Salbutamol
ADRB2 c.46A>G
GLCCI1 c.-1106G>A
CRHR1 c.1194+111C>T
Proton Pump
CYP2C19 c.681G>A(*2)
Leukotriene Receptor
Montelukast ABCC1 c.49-14840C>T
ALOX5 c.432-6550A>G
Hormone Glucocorticoids ABCB1 c.3435T>C
SERPINE1 c.-820_-817G(4_5)
Pharmacogenomics Test Product Group
Test Items Product Code Gene Test Testing Loci Package Specifications
Aspirin 6 AASPL 6 ITGB3 c.176T>C 90T/Kit,180T/Kit
LTC4S c.-444A>C
PTGS1 c.-842A>G
GP1BA c.482C>T
GSTP1 c.313A>G
PEAR1 c.-9-3996G>A
Aspirin 3 BASPL 3 LTC4S c.-444A>C 90T/Kit,180T/Kit
GSTP1 c.313A>G
PEAR1 c.-9-3996G>A
Clopidogrel 6 BLBGL 4 CYP2C19 c.681G>A 90T/Kit,180T/Kit
CYP2C19 c.636G>A
CYP2C19 c.-806C>T
PON1 c.575A>G
ABCB1 c.3435T>C
CES1 c.428G>A
Statins 6 ATTL 4 ABCB1 c.2677T>G 90T/Kit,180T/Kit
KIF6 c.2155T>C
ABCB1 c.3435T>C
APOE c.526C>T
SLCO1B1 c.521T>C
ABCB1 c.2677T>A
Statins 3 BTTL 2 ABCB1 c.2677T>G 90T/Kit,180T/Kit
SLCO1B1 c.521T>C
ABCB1 c.2677T>A
Folic acid 3 AYS 2 MTHFR c.665C>T 90T/Kit,180T/Kit
MTHFR c.1286A>C
MTRR c.66A>G
Folic acid 1 BYS 1 MTHFR c.665C>T 90T/Kit,180T/Kit
Warfarin 5 AHFL 3 VKORC1 c.174-136C>T 90T/Kit,180T/Kit
VKORC1 c.-1639G>A
CYP2C9 c.1075A>C
CYP2C9 c.430C>T
CYP4F2 c.1297G>A
Warfarin 3 BHFL 3 VKORC1 c.-1639G>A 90T/Kit,180T/Kit
CYP2C9 c.1075A>C
CYP2C9 c.430C>T
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