Converging Stereoscopic Microscope Slit Lamp REXMED RSL-103

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MOD. RSL-103
Power supply: AC 110/230V
Current: 0.5A
Power consumption: 58W
Plug type:
Converging Stereoscopic Microscope Slit Lamp
HS CODE: 901850
UNCCS CODE: 481327
UNSPSC CODE: 42183015
GMDN CODE: 35148
Main construction: Cast aluminium and ABS
Magnification: 3 steps magnifications
Eye piece: 10X, 16X
Objective: 1X, 1.6X
Total magnification: 10X, 16X, 25.6X
Pupil distance: 10X: 55~82mm, 16X: 51~78mm
Adjustable diopter: 10X: ±8D, 16X: ±10D
Slit projection: 2/3X
Slit width: 0~9mm
Slit height: 1~8mm
Slit angle: 0~180°
Slit inclination: 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°
Diameter of light spot: 18, 14.5, 11.25, 9mm
Aperture of diameter: ø9, ø8, ø5, ø3, ø2, ø1, ø0.2mm
Streak rotation: No
Filter: Unfiltered, heat absorption, 10% gray, red-free, cobalt blue
Bulb specifications: 12V 30W halogen bulb
Brightness control: High, normal, low adjustment
Max.: 120,000Lux
Fixation lamp: Red LED
Cross slide movement: X100 x Y100 x Z15~30mm
Chin rest movement: H70mm
Power table: Table top: L53xW36cm
height adjustment: 64~86cm
Max. load: 50KGS
Battery: No
Control: ON/OFF switch and power indicator for slit lamp
brightness control: high, normal, low, cross slide control by joystick, chin rest adjustment, slit angle control, slit inclination control, slit adjustment, light spot control, filter control and magnification adjustment, ON/OFF switch and power indicator for power table, up and down switch for power table
W/S: 12V 30W halogen bulb x 1pc, chin rest paper x 1pack, dust cover x 1pc, reflecting mirror x 2pcs, slit lamp test rod x 1pc, fuse x 2pcs, + screw driver (big) x 1pc, + screw driver (small) x 1pc, Allen wrench x 1pc, brush x 1pc
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