Ceiling Mounted LED Surgical Lamp REXMED ROL-602C

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AC 100~240V
Current: 3A
Power consumption: 36W x 2
Plug type:
Ceiling Mounted LED Surgical Lamp
HS CODE: 940540
UNCCS CODE: 468304
UNSPSC CODE: 39101602
GMDN CODE: 37332
Main construction: Cast aluminium and powder coated steel
Snake hose: No
Lamp head: Dual dome LED surgical lamp 62cm + 62cm
Reflector: 6cm aluminium reflector x 36pcs
Lamp head cover: 4,760 lenses / transparent lenses polycarbonate reflector
Bulb specifications: LED 1W x 36pcs x 2
Bulb life time: 50,000 hrs ±10%
Colour temperature: 4,300K
CRI Ra: 94 ±3, R9: 93 ±3
Working distance: 60~180cm
Depth of light (L1+L2): 120cm
Intensity (1meter): 0~165,000 Lux/1m
Focus (1meter): 15~25cm by sterilizable handle
Light field: d10=18.5cm, d50=15.5cm, d50/d10=84%
MIS / Endo light intensity: 0~29,000 Lux/1m
IEC with one mask: 51.00%
IEC with two masks: 42.00%
IEC with one tube: 88.80%
IEC with one mask and one tube: 42.00%
IEC with two masks and one tube: 38.00%
Swivel radius: 85+85=170cm, 98+85=183cm
Lamp head elevation: 105cm 15°up/75°down
Lamp head rotation: 360°
Base: No
Control: ON/OFF switch, MIS / Endo light switch, intensity 0~100% dimmer control on copula
Surgeon head temperature: < 0.5°C
Radiation energy: < 2.6mW/m².Lux
W/S: sterilizable handle x 2pcs
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